The Kennedy Homestead, birthplace of President John F. Kennedy’s great-grandfather Patrick Kennedy, celebrates the story of five generations of the Kennedy dynasty and is still today farmed by his descendants.

The Kennedy Homestead, a unique cultural museum is dedicated to “the Kennedys who went away and the Kennedys who stayed behind” and plays a vital part in the continued preservation of the Kennedy legacy in Ireland.

The curators of the Kennedy Homestead Visitor Centre, using the Kennedy Library archival collection in Boston, have created a state of the art interpretative exhibit which explores the circumstances of Patrick Kennedy’s departure from Ireland in1848 and pieces together the story of the most famous Irish–American family through the 20th century to the present day.

The Kennedy family legacy is an integral part of daily life in Co. Wexford. Facilities at the Homestead include a unique collection of Kennedy memorabilia, audio-visual display, souvenir shop, picnic area, wheelchair access and extensive car and coach parking facilities.


President Kennedy’s visit to Ireland in June 1963 was a pivotal moment in Irish history and one that ignited the spirit of the nation. A key point of the President’s trip was when he visited the Family Homestead at Dunganstown to have tea with his Irish cousins.

For Irish people, Kennedy was a hero, an idol; he embodied the ultimate Irish success story – Famine emigrant to the most powerful man in the world, all in just three generations.

John F Kennedy changed the face of emigration in Ireland, he changed how Irish people perceived themselves and his homecoming gave each and every one a renewed sense hope for the future.

The President’s 1963 visit is commemorated as a key feature in the Kennedy Homestead and visitors can relive the sounds and scenes of that iconic day.

Kennedy himself referred to his Irish visit as “the best four days of my life”.


The center allows visitors to follow the fortunes of the most famous Irish-American family through the 20th century to the present day.

The center features an interpretative exhibit which traces the story from Patrick Kennedy leaving as a famine emigrant to his great grandchildren’s return as US President (John F Kennedy), US Ambassador (Jean Kennedy Smith), founder of the Special Olympics (Eunice Shriver), Attorney General (Bobby Kennedy) and US Senator (Ted Kennedy).

It provides an engaging guided tour, incorporating audio-visuals, a photographic exhibition and a historical interpretative display.

The Visitor Center at the Kennedy Homestead was opened in June 2013 by Caroline Kennedy and Taoiseach Enda Kenny, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the story of the Kennedy family in a new state of the art exhibition, through a mixture of media.