Ryan, Michael and Sharon Browne were in Entebbe, Uganda to support the CBM Canada charity in February. Sharon, posted messages each day with photos and updates of the trip on the Celtic Thunder Facebook page. Read on to view the messages from the trip!

Ryan, Michael & I arrived in Entebbe in Uganda yesterday. It's a great place. We are visiting with Christian Blind Mission #healinghug #healinghugs cbm Canada and visiting CoRSU which is primarily a Children's hospital that specializes in surgeries and treatments for orthopedic conditions.

This morning we were up at 4:30am and drove for 3 1/2 hours out to visit 2 little boys heading for Surgery at CoRSU. Raymond is 5 and has Blount’s Disease resulting in bowed legs. So far, he can walk but without corrective surgery he wouldn't be able to a year from now. George is 10 and has neglected bilateral clubfeet, he's quite an agile little guy despite his disability and was kicking a ball around with Ryan & Michael outside his home.

Both kids are gorgeous, full of smiles and energy. Raymond and his Dad and George and his mommy travelled back to Entebbe with us this evening and have been admitted to the hospital.

Tomorrow we will be at the hospital all day and will be gowning up and actually going into the Theatre with the boys for their operations. Not sure how easy that will be to observe!

The Hospital CoRSU has no government funding and is totally reliant on donations. CBM does a great job helping to raise money to staff and run this Children's Hospital.

I'll update daily, internet service allowing... That's it from Entebbe for now!

Raymond’s surgery was a success. He was in the operating theatre for almost 2 hours with the surgeon. Ryan & Michael stayed in the operating theatre for the entire operation. Very proud of them, they were great and humbled by the skill of the surgeon and the bravery of the tiny boy on the table.

Orthopedic surgery tools are more like hardware tools with the use of screwdrivers etc. to screw in the plates that will straighten Raymond’s legs as he grows.

I spent most of the surgery time forward and back with Raymond's Dad. Being a parent, I know it's harder on the parent anxiously waiting than on the child under anesthetic.

Raymond is back on the ward and will stay there with his Dad for the next 4 days to recover and begin rehabilitation with the plates and screws in his legs.

This afternoon it was George's turn for treatment. The process is "casting". They slightly turn one of his feet and put it in a cast. In 3 weeks he comes back and they turn his foot slightly more and recast it. This continues until the foot is straight. Then they will operate, reset some bones, one last cast and that foot will be fixed. Then they start on the other foot.

George was an absolute trooper throughout. Straight away he was taken into the physiotherapy building and was being taught to walk on his crutches. He was smiling and chatting to Ryan & Michael via the Senior Physiotherapist interpreting.

George told the boys he knew we were paying for his Surgery and said a heartfelt Thank You.

Very poignant, Ryan had to take a minute to compose himself.

Tough day but a good one. These 2 little boys will be fixed up in no time & able to run & play football. Michael & Ryan have promised to come back in a year to play football with George!

Today was a fun visit to the CoRSU hospital. First, some of the children put on a performance for us and presented us with lovely gifts of colorful Mugs with Children's handprints on them.

Then we went to an open green area and played some games with the kids. There were races on crutches, wheelchair races and lots of fun stuff. Ryan & Michael missed the starting sound on the first race they were pushing wheelchairs in so that was a miserable fail...... They got better until they were in the wheelchairs racing themselves, not as easy to race a wheelchair you are sitting in across grass!

After that, they presented little Raymond with his Healing Hug Teddy Bear. He’s such a little trooper!

We’ve been back at the CoRSU hospital today. As you can see Raymond is making great strides in recovering from his Surgery.

He’s been out walking with the frame for over an hour now. Such a brave & positive little boy!


It’s been a very poignant goodbye to the children at the hospital today. Can’t say enough good things about the skill & dedication of the Surgeon’s, Doctors, Nurses and support staff there. All of them have a deep vocation for their work. And they are all so lovely.

It’s been a fun day too. Ryan & Michael sang for the 200 hospital staff and the Children, after which we played outside with the kids one last time.

Sad to be leaving, glad we could do a bit to help. We will be keeping up with Raymond and George’s progress with their treatments, we all fly home tomorrow.

Out walking with the frame for over an hour now. Such a brave & positive little boy!

We had the most incredible eye opening experience in Uganda. We are now on route home and we have promised to visit these guys in a years’ time to see how their surgeries have hopefully helped them back to full mobility.

None of what happened over the past few days would have been possible without the help of cbm Canada. Truly beautiful what they are doing for these children, it's been an honor to be a part of it.

To support CBM Canada, you can visit their Official Website here.