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A pub, a place of pilgrimage and a greengrocers, M O’Shea wears its multitasking hat with pride.

Tucked away in the midland town of Borris, County Carlow, M O’Shea has held fast to its roots as a multitasking pub. And that’s no mean feat. The building it occupies has operated as a grocer and a bar since the 19th century.

The O’Shea family bought the pub in 1934 with its purchaser, Michael O’Shea, earning the no-fuss moniker of “Bossman”. We’re guessing patrons knew where they stood.

When O’Shea and his wife passed away in the 1980s, their son Jim and his wife Carmel took over the grocer-pub. Today, they keep it in the tradition that has earned it so many loyal local patrons. There are no gimmicks here: this is a true rural, family-run pub and chances are you’ll be the only tourist.

Come for the atmosphere, stay for a pint and leave with your shopping.

Not bad for a bar.