Thankfully, Ireland has never suffered much from the interference of modern ways when it comes to Irish Stories, Folklore, Legends & Myths.

Stories have been, and still are told around the fire, usually with the story teller enjoying a ‘wee drop of the black stuff to whet his whistle’. (Having a glass of Guinness to quench his thirst while he tells the story of Irish History and Folklore).

Family Stories that are passed down generation by generation. These take many forms and vary from family to family as each house will have their own personal tale to tell. Families all across Ireland will gather round an older family member and listen wide eyed as they are taken on an epic adventure full of danger and excitement.

Fantastic tales of Historical History of Ireland, tales of magical faerie castles made of glass on top of beautiful lush green hills or fearsome hags or Pookas which are shape changing creatures usually seen in the form of a horse running wildly with flaming red eyes and breathing fire on top of rocky cliffs luring unwitting travelers to their death.

Every family will tell a nightmarish story of the dreaded Banshee and how she appeared to a family member on a dark, cold, lonely night and how when they heard the wailing sound of the Banshee crying they hoped beyond hope that it was just the wind or the mournful sound of a cat calling out to the dark night and not the keening of the Banshee, foretelling the news that a family member would soon be leaving this mortal realm in the ‘Coiste Bordhar’ or the ‘death coach’. I know my family is no different!

To-day you only have to mention Ireland and some reference will be made to the ‘little people’, the Leprechauns. This little chap is a famous as ‘Guinness’. Many tales exist of how when a Leprechaun is caught they have to grant three wishes or part with their much cherished pot of gold but reader beware and use these wishes wisely as the Leprechaun does not like to part with either his gold or his wishes and will try his best to trick you.

We hope you will enjoy joining us in our journey as we explore Historical Ireland, Folklore and Legends of magical realm that makes this land of the Celts.