Quite a view, isn’t it? While you’re enjoying it, spare a thought for the Right Honorary Maurice Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry, whom we have to thank for Valentia Lighthouse – it was he who first applied for the light to be built here. Manned by an attendant up to 1947, this dramatic lighthouse isn’t the only point of curiosity on Valentia Island: add a 16th century defensive fort, plus the landing point where the very first transatlantic cable was laid, connecting Europe with North American in 1866. Take a wander around the Skellig Experience, and find out more about nearby Skellig Michael – home to 6th century monks and Star Wars' Jedi Knights in its time.

Take in the rest of what's known as The Skellig Ring Drive. Coastal roads, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and galactic exiles are highlights of what's been named Best in Travel 2017 by Lonely Planet.