Built in 1806 and settled into the humps and bumps of Clare Island’s most northerly point ever since, Clare Island Lighthouse drinks in some of the Wild Atlantic Way’s most dramatic sea views. More modest in size than its siblings, the lighthouse here was decommissioned in 1965. The reason? Its setting on the high County Kerry cliffs saw it too often shrouded in mist for its light to be effective. Renovated into luxury accommodation, the owners see the dwellings here as a “great escape – a restorative haven”. And they’re not wrong. WiFi, wrought-iron beds and art deco furnishings sit side by side with panoramic views of Clew Bay, salty Atlantic swells and miles of jagged cliffs.

The pretty Heritage Town of Westport is filled with cafés and restaurants, or head to Glen Keen Farm to learn how to herd Connemara sheep!