I drink Guinness, I love it. It’s supposedly an acquired taste but I don’t understand that because I love it so I think everybody should love it.  It’s a wonderful feeling to go in to a really nice pub that’s warm and comfy. When I mean comfy, I’m really talking about a nice pub where the barperson knows how to pull a proper pint of Guinness and the pub is clean and warm! I got a quote from the lovely Elaine who runs the fan club, who’s Dad always said “There is no such thing as a bad pint of Guinness, some are just better than others”

For years, I have travelled the roads of Ireland for as we say here “a session” (a session is a party normally in a pub with traditional music). I have been lucky enough to have had numerous opportunities to see some great sessions and have as we say here “the craic” (craic is fun in Ireland) so I thought I might personally share some of the best pubs in Ireland as far as I’m concerned and a good pint of Guinness! I could write about more but I need to stop at some stage.

We would love to hear from you about your favourite pub or pint of Guinness. It doesn’t matter where it is just so we can share with all our fans. Send on to Elaine through the fan club.

Grogans, South William St, Dublin 2

Grogans is famous in Dublin for its pints and toasted sandwiches. It doesn’t have a session but your guaranteed to meet a wide variety of Dublin characters. The pub is full of art and changes on a regular basis. It’s my favourite city centre pub in Dublin.

The Gravediggers, Glasnevin, Dublin

Another lovely pub with a nice crowd, friendlily, great food and a lovely pint. It is right next to the Glasnevin Cemetery. I love it as it’s another great pub that is easy going and full of lovely Dublin and country people.

McCrorys, Culduff, Co Donegal

Lovely pub, great food, great pints and great music. It’s also in my favourite county in Ireland, Donegal. Wonderful pub for music.

The Long Hall, Georges St, Dublin 2

A listed building with a great pint and a proper Dublin crowd. Bar staff are brilliant to and are always up for a chat.

The Crown Pub, Belfast.

During the troubles, this is one of the only places that didn’t get bombed as it’s a stunning pub and could never be replaced. That’s the rumour anyway… It’s Belfast’s oldest pub.

HI-B, Cork City.

Tiny little pub, the size of a sitting room. Great pint of Murphys (it is Cork after all) You’re not allowed to use your mobile. Classic…

O’Riadas, Kilkenny

Tiny little pub again and the Guinness is delicious. Great little friendlily pub too.

Mary’s Bar, Wexford

I landed on this pub one night for 1 pint, I stayed well in to the wee small hours. Its great craic and the pints are great. Full of locals with stories to tell.

The Brazen Head, Dublin

The following is what’s good about the Brazen Head, the Guinness, the music, the staff, the ambience, the history. (Dublin’s oldest Pub), the food. Really, it ticks all the boxes.

Tigh Neachatin (Nuaghtons) Galway

This is a great pub to meet people, full of little snugs, stories, laughter.