Welcome to this month’s fan corner, I am very happy to say we are getting a fantastic response to the Fan club corner and letters. Please keep the photos coming and we will do our very best to get as many as possible included each month. Don’t forget if you have friends in the photos with you let me know their name so I can give them a mention as well.

If you have any nice photos from Mother’s Day for this year with your favorite Celtic thunder tee-shirts on, we would love to see them! I know St. Patricks day is celebrated world wide, i'd love to see some photos of your recent or past  St. Patricks Day shenanigans ;-):-)

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Bret Lowry, a Celtic Thunder Fan recently visited Ireland and he sent us this great photo of him at Guinness Lake, Wicklow. He said about his trip, “Hey it was so amazing my only complaint was I wasn't there longer, but I am already planning my next trip back to Ireland".




Brian and Kath Pickering are Celtic Thunder fans based in the UK. They heard about Celtic Thunder first on a country music channel. They said "we are now hooked on their music which is great and we listen to them every day and in the car too". Brian and Kath celebrated their 49th Wedding Anniversary on the 8th of March last and this also happens to be Kath’s 72nd birthday. Celtic Thunder would like to send their best wishes to Brian and Kath for both occasions.



Celtic Thunder are lucky to have fans worldwide but recently we discovered a whole class of them in Burgundy France a region renowned for wines beef and meat and I’ve been told that the Celtic Thunder boys have an open invitation to visit at any time and they will be very well taken care of. This photo is of Dominiqe who discovered Celtic Thunder when in her own words "I discovered Celtic Thunder fortuitously: I was looking for the original English version of a French song on YouTube and I found 'Carrickfergus' by Ryan. I was struck by lightning: oh these Irish blue eyes and the voice! Fantastic! I clicked on the other videos and got glued to my screen. That was 18 months ago and I have shared my 'discovery' with my family and students"

We asked Dominique to send us a photo to share with the other fans and also maybe some comments ...we are leaving the mistakes though very few as  all of these ladies are only learning English and we think they are great and we are very happy Celtic Thunder is of some help!

"'I like very much listen Celtic Thunder' 'I have never listened to Celtic music before, now I listen often' ' we studied different songs and I prefer A Place In the Choir because the rhythm is catchy with funny lyrics - it's good to learn vocabulary' ' I don't fully understand but I listen to the music ' ' Thank you to Dominique to introduce this group to us ' ' I love the instruments - the lady with the violin is fantastic' ' I loved Amazing Grace acapella - beautiful voices and nice-looking men' ' All the voices are excellent alone and fantastic all together' ' Voices is the best song I heard' ' I love Celtic Thunder because of the men who sing but also because of the music' ' I love George’s voice - it is very sad he died', and the ultimate comment is = when will they come to France ?


Jean Tinquist is an ardent Celtic Thunder fan. She has attended many concerts with her daughter and two grandchildren. Jean has met Ryan, Neil, Damian, Emmet Cahill, Emmet O'Hanlon and Keith. She says she is always sad not to have met George. Jean says "We have had such fun at the concerts, lots of special memories Fun Fun Fun". This photo was taken when Jean met Emmet and Damian.




A lot of the Celtic Thunder guys have "Street Teams". Tammy Hayes sent me in this great picture of Emmet Cahill's Street team at the Thackerville show in December 2017. Tracey, Janie and Tammy made the great banner Tammy said "even Santa's beard can't hide his dimples!!" The ladies told me that they had a great time working on this two sided banner which they called "Let It Snow".




Vicki Hutchison, her daughter Rebecca and her daughters friend also called Rebecca  are huge Celtic Thunder fans! They've attended many gigs and last November, even drove 6 hours to see the guys at their Symphony gig in Hershey Pennsylvania! Vicki and the girls also attended the Celtic Thunder 2017 cruise where they attended the afternoon tea event and met Elaine. We are also including a picture of the beautiful quilt that Vicki made with some help from Rebecca before going on the cruise there was a pre cruise party that the quilt was raffled at for charity. The hand prints are all from Celtic Thunder members and the color around each hand print is the person’s favorite color.