Welcome to this month’s fan corner, I am very happy to say we are getting a fantastic response to the Fanclub corner and letters. Please keep the photos coming and we will do our very best to get as many as possible included each month….don’t forget if you have friends in the photos with you let me know their name so I can give them a mention as well.

I’m very glad to see Spring arriving I’m sure you are all the same and I know some of you have a lot tougher Winters then we do here in Ireland…actually, some fans have sent me photos of where they are living and the snow and if we got one third of it in Ireland the whole country would close down!!

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Happy St Patrick's Day and Easter to you all!




Sienna Borowski, a singer and dancer attended the Celtic Thunder concert at Ruth Eckherd hall. She says "I had a wonderful time and cannot wait for the guys to come back this way, so I can listen to them live again. Music has a very special place in my heart and I have always loved Irish accents. That being said, I have been listening to Celtic Thunder for probably 4 or 5 years now and have loved every moment of their music. I was not able to make it to past concerts due to schedule conflicts or the distance being too far. However, when I learned they were coming within a 2-hour drive from my new location, I was ecstatic!" Sienna’s dad, Garland and older brother purchased her a ticket to the VIP event. At the VIP Event, Sienna met Michael and Emmet. She says "They were so sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them talk about their jobs and families. During the question-and-answer, someone made a comment on Emmett's cover of Beauty and the Beast, which is beautiful and just so happens to be my favorite Disney movie! So, when it came to my turn to take pictures with them, I did offer to get them into Disney as it is a perk of my job. I love being able to share the magic of Disney with others. That invitation is still open and sincere if they ever decide to take me up on it. Not as a weird fan but as a friend. Any of the guys are welcome to the offer:-)" Finally Sienna says "Thank you again for all you do and did for me. I cannot wait to see them again!"




Mary Brandenburg is a huge Celtic Thunder fan and as well as being a Platinum member of the Celtic Thunder Fanclub. She has attended many concerts over the past few years. The above photo of Mary with Emmet and Neil was taken at the Baltimore concert in 2016 and is one of Mary’s favorites. Mary has had a tough time losing both her mom and dad within a month of each other in 2017. When she attended their concert in Upper Darby she said "The show was awesome and the guys were really into it and got the fans into it, too. I always do the VIP and was able to have that time with Emmet and Damian after the concert. I can’t believe how quickly they were able to raise my spirits and give me a little
Christmas spirit."

We at Celtic Thunder are so happy and proud that the Celtic Thunder guys were able to lift Mary’s spirits even if only for a short time and we wish her the best in 2018 and hope that Celtic Thunder continues to make her smile and bring her joy.




Leah Lewis attended the Celtic Thunder concert in Thackerville in December 2017, with her daughter Brit. It was their first live Celtic Thunder show and they said: "It was Amazing!". Afterwards at the merchandise table, Brit saw one of  the Blue Celtic Thunder hats and wanted to buy one her mom explained it belonged to the crew and wasn't for sale ....but when Matthew (our merch guy with the big heart!) heard this he got it and gave it to Brit and told her 'Happy Christmas', her mom says it meant a lot and Brit wears it all the time...we think she looks great in it.




Bill and Susan Schumm are a husband and wife team of Thunderheads!! When I asked Susan could we use this photo in the Fanclub corner she said she certainly didn't mind and "I think I’d be flattered, and I certainly don’t mind sharing the guys with the world" Thank you Susan and Bill. The decor in their Den at home is a collection of classic movie posters and we are proud to say among these is a beautifully framed Celtic Thunder group poster. This lovely photo was taken at the VIP event after the Symphony show in Jacksonville last year. Susan and Bill also attended the cruise in November where they got to attend many shows and meet all the Celtic Thunder guys as well as Elaine who by the time of the cruise was like a pen pal friend with Susan after many emails between the two of them one more excited than the other about the Cruise.




Robin O'Rourke is a Celtic Thunder fan many years now..this beautiful picture was taken at the VIP event after the Thackerville Symphony concert last year. The VIP event ticket was Robins treat to herself for her 68th birthday I think her beautiful smile shows how happy she was after seeing the concert to meet the guys in person although it wasn't the first time Robin has attended many VIP events and also traveled on the Cruise in 2017...yes we can safely say Robin is a true Thunderhead:-) with Ryan being a particular favorite of hers....talking about the Symphony concert she said "Oh my. Thackerville! A million and one precious memories of Ryan! When he sang “Christmas Morning, Donegal it was so beautiful and so touching I had to wipe a few tears off my face! When Ryan was singing about hearing the choirs of angel voices and he turned to the side and looked down at the stage and his spotlight was turned out and the orchestra was playing so beautifully for a few minutes and then the spot came back on and Ryan started singing again it was beyond beautiful and he was just so completely humble when he did it.  I liked when he sang it on the cruise, but he and the symphony orchestra together were beyond spectacular". We are so glad Robin enjoyed the concert and VIP event and hope that she gets to go to many more in the future.




Wendy Felber and her "Ladies" are big Celtic Thunder fans and they like to attend events as often as possible this picture was taken of Wendy with Ryan and Neil all having great fun as you can tell at the VIP event in Nashville 2016. Wendy emailed Elaine after the concert and said "The crowd was so happy last night in Nashville it was palpable. I have to tell you while walking out, I asked an older woman if she enjoyed the show. With a huge smile growing on her face till it reached her ears, she said, "oh, yes, they are better than vitamins!" with exuberance" Wendy also said "I'm glad I got to see Ryan, my fav, and Neil, who always makes me giggle" ..... I think this kind of says it all!!!




I’m also including a lovely photo of Wendy with all of the ladies from Left to right Patti, Wendy, Karen, Sylvie and Sue which I was very happy to receive. They were just saying hello from the concert and I appreciate all of the trouble they went too ...'Thank You' Ladies (X Elaine).




Mica Callahan sent these lovely photos from the 2017 cruise ...she has actually been on all of the Celtic Thunder Cruises (lucky her!) Mica said "I have been a fan of Celtic Thunder since 2008 when I saw them on PBS. These photos were from the cruise and it was a blast. I have met so many interesting people through being a fan of Celtic Thunder. Some of them have quickly become my best friends".