Thank you so much for sending in your photos. If any of you have photos from our last two cruises, we would love to feature them. Only a week to go before the next cruise. We’re all getting revved up for it! Don’t forget if you’re going on next week’s cruise, to send on your photos to

The winner of the signed copy of Mythology and a box of Butlers Chocolates is Natalie Spratford one of the biggest Celtic Thunderhead fans in Australia. Natalie has been a Celtic Thunder fan for many years and every year she hosts a Johnson family Celtic Thunder Annual lunch day where everyone enjoys watching and listening to Celtic Thunder.

Barbara Foster attended a Celtic Thunder vip event and got this lovely photo taken with Ryan and Neil. This photo was taken at the Comedy and Magic Club in Los Angeles, CA in 2016. the day was a scorcher!


Lou Foxworthy and other Celtic Thunder Fans at annual party in Nevada USA


Celtic Thunders youngest fan Lily Glasby sent in by her great Aunty Becky Potz!


Laura & Jim Smith Burlington Vermont VIP with Ryan & Neill Aug. 2016 newly engaged now married


Natalie Spratford (white Jeans) at Johnson Family Celtic Thunder annual lunch day in Australia


Pam Tobias's Granddaughter Kaitlyn with Emmet at show in Melbourne she loves to sing to Cetlic Thunder


Tyler Cooper Perkins, Neil’s “Mini Me” with Neil and Ryan at CHeyenne VIP Event.