We’re delighted to say that the Fanclub Corner has truly been a wonderful success and we’re delighted with the many, many photos that we receive from our fans every day! Keep them coming to elaine@celticthunder.com and don’t forget if you have friends in the photos, make sure to send on their names so they can also get a mention!



Emma Clark is a lovely 14 year old girl from NY who contacted us in January to see if we would be able to make a purple or slightly girly baseball cap with the CT logo on it ...she said "I really like the signature baseball caps but, I would like something a little more “girly" so you now have Emma to thank for the more colorful hats we now have in the Celtic Thunder Shop. Emma is a big Celtic Thunder fan and she hopes to meet them all someday ..."not knowing them personally, I would say, Emmet and Neil, are probably my favorites." Emma states. "In the summer, I wrote letters to Neil and Emmet and I also wrote a group letter to all of the guys. A few months ago, Neil sent me a signed eight by ten and a signed DVD. I was so excited, I was literally shaking lol". She misses George and contacted me recently to ask if George suffered from Alopecia, this is a condition that causes baldness and Emma has it. I asked Emma, was it okay to mention it? And she said "I always like to spread awareness as not many people know what Alopecia is". What a not only very pretty but a very courageous young lady.



Tammy Butt is a huge Celtic Thunder fan and it was a great pleasure to meet with her on the cruise. When I asked her to share some photos, she was as funny as ever and sent these three pictures with the caption: "Meeting the top brass of Celtic Thunder great memories from the Third Celtic Thunder cruise. Can’t wait to do it all again!" We look forward to seeing you again too Tammy!



When Roxie Bell listened to her new X CD she sent Elaine the note below and photos ...we are sure you will agree it is worth sharing ...thank you Roxie.

"I hope you won't mind me contacting you. I was hoping to get a message to the Lads and or Sharon about how much Celtic Thunder X has touched my life." Roxie writes.
"The song 'Seasons in the Sun' was very popular in 1975. In January of that year my oldest brother died of lymphoma cancer and that song struck such a chord with my siblings and I having just lost our brother. We each had the 45's of that song and literally wore them out playing them over and over.

Today, I finally got the chance to listen to my new CD and when the first 4 notes of that song began to play I just froze in place and the tears came flooding out. I was speechless and couldn’t even sing along. All of my beautiful memories of my brother came flooding back and even though it was heartbreaking, it was also beautiful. My brother had such a short life and was buried on his 21st birthday. I cannot wait to share this version with my siblings and have them order their own copies of the CD.

I just wanted to say thank you to them for singing this song and doing such a fantastic job on it. I feel compelled to reach out to let everyone involved with Celtic Thunder know how much their music touches others. Thanks for the memories and the music."

The photos are Ronnie with Neil, Ryan and Keith and her grandson Braxton at the Ohio Celtic Festival August 2016. The other photo is Roxie's Brother Bill Butler in his graduation photo.


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Karen Lendley, told me she "Loves" Celtic Thunder! She is a platinum fan club member and these great photos were taken at the Atlanta VIP Event where Karen and Tammie Patterson met Emmet and Ryan and in Karen’s own words: "Had a great night. One to remember for sure. Loved talking to David Munro about the event". I'm sure David really enjoyed his chat with Karen too.


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As some of you know, I was lucky enough to be on the Celtic Thunder cruise last year. (Like you all I want to know when the next one is and will they take me??!!!!). I had a wonderful time and met so many really nice people that I've been communicating through email with for the past few years. Lou Foxworthy was one of these people and he has kindly shared some photos from the cruise which I want to include in the fanclub corner...The first photo is Lou says "our group of friends we have met on the previous cruises and folks from home". I recognize so many faces but have to be honest and say I'm stuck on names, I think I met too many people ...If you recognize yourself say hi, and send me some of your pictures and thanks again for your kindness to me on the cruise.

The second picture is Judy Laughlin, Richie Hayes and Lou and the third which I had to include as it shows some of the fun we had on shore is Kris Frey, Barbara Seley and Gail Clemo in Routan, Mexico.


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Jonna Smith is a huge Celtic Thunder fan and she now has her entire family involved including her Granddaughters, Ava and Emma. She designed this beautiful Street Team poster in the attached photo for Emmet’s gig in February which, she attended with her daughter Danielle Stipes ...It was Danielle's 30th birthday earlier in the month and Emmet even gave her a Happy Birthday Wish. Do you recognize yourself in this photo? I certainly recognize some faces from the cruise!