This months Celtic Thunder Fan Club Corner...



Anthony and Maryann Famiano from New Jersey are very big Celtic Thunder fans and have attended many Celtic Thunder shows. They are looking forward to the Autumn tour where they will see the guys in December in Florida where they spend the Winter. Maryann also regularly sends me photos of her two dogs Rocky Bilboa and Snowflake. Big Celtic Thunder fans too ;-) and I thought they looked so cute with their new Summer haircuts, I should share the cuteness with you all. Thank you Maryann for sending.



Diane Morrow, a Celtic Thunder Gold Fan Club member sent me these gorgeous pictures from the San Antonio Texas Meet and Greet before the concert last year. Diane and her friend, Judy Benson met with Seamus and Emmet. They had a great night and are hoping to head to this year’s concert in Texas as well. Thank you for sharing Diane and Judy:-)



Kimberly Fahlen from San Diego loves the Soundcheck experience. She says "seeing the singers and band up close and getting to photograph them is special"...these great photographs are only some that were taken on the 4th of November 2016 Palm Desert USA Concert. I hope you will agree they are great photographs and enjoy them as much as I did...Thank you for sharing Kimberly...Sound Check tickets for our Autumn tour will be going on sale very soon and I hope you get to take some more wonderful photographs if you attend:-)


Brian Barnes sent me the lovely email below with this great picture of his Brother Daniel ....a very big Celtic Thunder fan ... thank you very much for sharing Brian and Daniel have a wonderful time at the gig in October:-)

Brian Barnes writes... "Hello! Just wanted you all to know your biggest fan's name is Daniel Barnes. Daniel (my brother) is a 35-year old young man with Down's Syndrome, and has amassed quite a collection (10) of Celtic Thunder CDs. He spends several hours each week listening to various CT works and playing along with one of several bottles he has in his collection. Despite the lack of tonal diversity, he plays his bottles along with your music with heartfelt passion. He polishes his CT CDs with special CD cleaner each week, and turns to them whenever emotions get overwhelming for him.

For his birthday this year, he is going to see your live show for the first time Oct 14th in Chicago. We just wanted you to know the positive impact your art makes on the lives you touch. See you October 14th!!!"



Judy Albertie from South Carolina attended the Celtic Thunder 2017 cruise. Unfortunately we did not get to meet but are hoping there will be another one scheduled. Judy says if she gets a big cash windfall we will get to meet on the next one! 

Judy is a big Celtic Thunder fan and has attended concerts as well as Meet and Greets and of course let’s not forget the cruise. Judy's ancestors come from Sligo and her maiden name is Gill ...I guess this is where she gets her love of Irish Music. Thanks for sharing Judy and I hope we do get to meet sometime in the future.



Holly Weiss contacted me recently and told me her story. I'm sure you will agree she has been through an awful lot more than any one person should have to suffer, but her faith and her love for Celtic Thunders music keeps her going. Thank you Holly for sharing your story with us our best wishes and prayers are with you.

The photos Holly sent us show her beautiful family, her son and his wife, eldest daughter and her hubby, his mamma, her hubby and three grandsons, Austin, Kevin and Ayden and her precious baby that passed, Melissa. She also sent a photo of her before and during her Chemo.

Holly Weiss is a Celtic Thunder fan who has gone through an awful lot of pain recently. She was diagnosed with cancer, her husband is on dialysis and waiting for a kidney and also suffered a heart attack in January but worse than all of this Holly had to go through the most painful experience for any parents with her baby girl 30 year old Melissa's (Missy) sudden and unexpected passing earlier this year. Holly says her faith is what keeps her and her family going and strong, she said "Thank God, the only thing that keeps me going is imagining her beaming face at seeing her Heavenly Father...and the boy’s music....it has gotten me through a lot."

Holly said when she is going through chemo, the boys are what she listens to all the time. She says they are so healing. She will be finished the chemo just in time to see Celtic Thunder in London, Ontario when they perform there in the autumn. Holly says it has given her something to push through with the treatment. She has also got herself a VIP ticket and is looking forward to getting her photo taken with two of the guys. This will be Holly's first time to attend a Celtic Thunder Concert.

Holly says she would love to meet Neil and Ryan. She has been following their recordings and travels as well she just adores these two. "Their music has especially pulled me out of some very hard days. Celtic Thunder is my go to for calming music and inspiration as well and Neil and Ryan’s group. Music sure does soothe an aching soul.."