We’re delighted to say that the Fanclub Corner has truly been a wonderful success and we’re delighted with the many, many photos that we receive from our fans every day! Keep them coming to elaine@celticthunder.com and don’t forget if you have friends in the photos, make sure to send on their names so they can also get a mention!



Donna Skurski contacted me a few months ago, about her sister, Cheryl. She wanted to buy her a new hoodie for her birthday....Cheryl got her new hoodie and she got it personalized, with her name. I think you will agree the smile on her face when she got these pictures taken, lets us know she liked it! What do you think?! Thank you for sending Donna.

My sister, Cheryl, is a big, big, fan of Celtic Thunder. She has cerebral palsy and is now in a wheel chair, but that doesn't stop her or us from taking her to the Fox Theatre in Detroit when the "Boys" as she calls them, come to town. She has every one of their CD's and DVD's and watches them daily. In 2010, Cheryl had been flipping through the TV channels for something to watch and came across Celtic Thunder on PBS. It happened to be their 3rd concert they were showing on TV. She and my Mom enjoyed their music, so they decided to continue to watch the program. Well, by the end of their show they were hooked and became true loyal fans.

The first live Celtic Thunder Concert, Cheryl attended, was in 2013, in Detroit at the Fox Theatre and hasn't missed one since. Whenever Cheryl is watching PBS and they're on the show advertising their upcoming concert or new DVD/CD she has me pre-order them for her, so she doesn't have to wait until she sees them in Concert. In fact, my husband and I have been taking Cheryl to their Concerts the last few years, and quite honestly, we look forward to seeing them too.

Cheryl is anxiously awaiting their performance at the Fox this October, so she can wear and show off her gorgeous hoodie with her name on it.



When, Kathy Flynn sent me in this note about her son Tommy, I was delighted, she agreed to let me include the note and this gorgeous picture of Tommy at the last Celtic Thunder gig he attended in the Schubert Theatre in Boston.

Kathy wrote ...... I just wanted to thank you and Celtic Thunder for your kindness and continued updates.

I joined the Platinum Level on the fan club in order to get first choice on concert seating. My eldest son, Tom, who is handicapped, just went through his 17th surgery on February 27th. The Doctors did not know if he would pull through. But with God guiding the Surgeons hands, and all of my sons Angels watching over him he did pull through. Somehow his colon and stomach herniated and got wedged between his heart and aorta. God answered my prayers and brought him back to me.

Tom was born missing the left front portion of his brain and also missing the corpus callosum. 33 years ago, the Doctor’s advised us to institutionalize him. We did not listen and he has surpassed everything the Doctors ever thought he could. He is an Eagle Scout and also does Special Olympics.

Tom is a huge fan of Celtic Thunder and has watched every special and has all their Cd’s and DVD’s. He loved watching Damian going through all the auditions for Glee and being in the show. So, when tickets went on sale on Monday, I had to try and get tickets. Luckily, I was able to get 1st row in the Orchestra Pit. So, excited. He will find out on Easter Sunday that he will be seeing Celtic Thunder live on September 28th in Boston, MA.

I am also hoping to get him into the VIP Artist Event. Tom is our miracle, he will never be able drive, get married or go to college.

So, I just wanted to thank Celtic Thunder for all the enjoyment they give my son. We would be honored for you to include our story. Hopefully it would encourage others to live life to its fullest. Music heals with all the bad that is going on in this world, I am thankful for music and entertainment that bring happiness to my son and have him forget the pain he goes through.

Kathy Flynn



Stacey Dunbar is a Celtic Thunder fan, who recently joined our Platinum Fanclub.  While welcoming her on email, she shared the note below with me.  I asked her could I include the note in the Celtic Times and she agreed immediately....Thanks Stacey, I’m so glad that Celtic Thunder helped you with their music and I hope you are a fan for a long time to come and they can keep bringing happiness and enjoyment to your life. I've included a lovely photo of Stacey and Damian and Stacey with her son, Adam.

If I may be a bit verbose for a few moments, I'd like to take the time to tell you just how much the guys from Celtic Thunder helped me, I owe them more then they can possibly ever imagine.  

5 Years ago, my Husband and I moved back to Indiana after the second job lay off in as many years.  The first company was one for which he'd worked for 27 years.  So, in April of 2013, we moved back to our home state where we at least had family for emotional support.  In the first 4 months we were back, we experienced 3 deaths of loved ones, one was a cousin of mine who was murdered, another my father in law.  If that wasn't emotionally challenging enough, my husband was having difficulties finding a permanent job with benefits.  We struggled for 2 years with extreme financial distress, additionally, my husband developed a bad infection in his leg and I almost lost him...two weeks in the hospital later, he was released but weak and will probably have issues with the leg for the rest of his life.  

Continuing, (I did warn you I was going to get verbose) our son who was 8 at the time had a bad fall on his bicycle and required emergency surgery to put the tip of his elbow back in place.  We had to hold our breath for 3 months while the surgery site healed as there was a possibility that our son damaged the growth plate in the arm and could have needed multiple surgeries.  We got lucky and the arm did heal without any long-term damage.  The straw that broke this camel’s back however was my own father being diagnosed with cancer just before Father’s Day in 2015.  

Over the next year, I watched my father get sicker, lose weight, and in general become very feeble.  My father lost his battle with cancer 2 years ago this very day.  On the day my father died, I was at his side watching him take his last breath.  In the instant, my father died, a dark cloud descended over me. At that time, I lost all joy in my life.  My dad and I always had a complicated relationship but we had made great progress and were finally very close and enjoyed each other's company.  I managed to take care of my house, my son etc... But I no longer participated in the things which formally had brought me so much joy.  I wasn't living, I was just existing.  

Around 9 months ago a friend of mine who I have known since I was age 6, emailed me with the comment of " you've been so sad for so long, I miss your smile and your laughter, I know you've always found great joy and solace in music and appreciate talented genuine people, that being said I do believe these guys can help you find your joy again and perhaps lift that dark cloud that has overshadowed you".  The clip my friend sent me was the one of the guys from Celtic Thunder doing 7 Drunken Nights!  As I watched that video I started to smile...when Neil came out in the long johns, collar open and flask in hand I started laughing...well at that point, the cloud began to lift. Over the next hour, I watched so many videos of the lads performing, many of their great songs.  It was easy to see the guys genuinely enjoyed what they do, and care for their fans.  Until my friend, had sent me that clip, I wasn't aware of Celtic Thunder, but just doing what they do made a great difference in my life.  

The lads, have helped remind me to always look for the joy of life each and every day. They helped pull me out of a very dark place, I had gone to, they helped me remember how to laugh and enjoy life...I owe them so much for that...If you happen to talk with the lads anytime in the near future, please tell them about my story....please let them know what they do does make a difference in the lives of others!!!  

As I said, I owe them more then I will ever be able to repay to them.  I do have my tickets for the Celtic Thunder show that is going to be in Wabash Indiana on the 18th of October, I hope to be able to get tickets to the meet and greet, perhaps then I can at least thank them.



Catherine Young sent me this lovely letter in April. She wanted me to let the guys know how they had helped her during a recent bad time ...Her aunt is home and recovering now thankfully and I'm sure you'll agree isn't this a wonderful photo...do you think these guys love each other :-)

To the Men of Celtic Thunder,

I know you guys get a lot of fan mail, but I wanted to sit down and write you a sincere thank you. A week ago, today, I made an emergency trip to Arizona after receiving a call from my aunt, who was on vacation, to say she was in hospital with large blood clots in each lung, so large that when she was admitted, she was on the verge of respiratory failure. As a result of the standard treatment of pulmonary embolism, she developed a very large bleed, and was even put on dialysis to try and reverse the damage being done. Being a nurse myself, my mind went wild with the possibilities of how bad things could get, and those fears were made real after a brief conversation with her attending MD, who said “if things do not turn around, she may not make it home.” Being the only one in the family with enough flexibility in work, I booked my flight, flew out, and was at her bedside within in 12 hours.

Before taking off from Portland, OR, I donned my headphones and selected my most played playlist entitled “Celtic Thunder,” and placed it on shuffle, in an attempt to quiet my racing mind. I have to tell you, it worked! Just as we were making our decent into Phoenix, Be Still My Soul from your Inspirational album began to play. Up until that point my worry and anxiety were sky high (pun intended), but as all of your voices came together to sing those words, my soul was still. I was finally able to loosen up a little, and the realization was made that I was not traveling and facing the unknown alone. Throughout my week trip, that song was never far from my mind, and more often than not, I woke with those words already playing in my head. I have been on many long international flights, but this five hour domestic flight was by far the longest one yet, and you all made it bearable, and for that, I thank you!

Once my aunt perked up, she began asking about my flight, and I told her exactly what I just told you. Her response was, “you need to write and tell them.” She also said to thank you for her. So, from my aunt, “thank you!” She still has a long road ahead to recover and eventually come home, but the doctors are hopeful, she will make a full recovery.

You may see what you’re doing as just something you love, but I wanted to let you know you are truly making a difference in the lives of your fans, more specifically this one.

God bless and safe travels in your current individual tours and upcoming group tour, I look forward to seeing you November 7th when you are in Portland, OR!

Many thanks!
Catherine Young

Since we last corresponded things took a turn. My aunt made it home and was recovering for about two weeks, but then developed sepsis. Her body was just so weak from fighting for over a month, that she succumbed to this final blow. She passed peacefully surrounded by family Monday May 21st. We sent her off with our most precious memories of her and assigned her homework to deliver lots of hugs and kisses to those who have passed before. While sitting at the bedside I put together a playlist of all our favorite hymns. When she drew her final breath here on earth, believe it or not, Be Still My Soul, was playing. I am again so thankful to you and the guys for all you do!

Thanks again, and God Bless!



Dear Celtic Thunder,

Where to begin? Well, I suppose I should give you a little background on myself, first to set the scene for what was one the most amazing experiences of my life. I’m 27 and was born with Crohn’s disease. In 2014, after being hospitalized four times in one month, I ended up needing surgery and while I was having that my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and passed away 15 months later on Halloween.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Legacy tour. I suffer from depression and anxiety and had been having crippling anxiety attacks since my dad’s passing the year before. My mom and I had become aware of Celtic Thunder in 2012 after watching the Voyage Show on PBS together. My birthday was coming up (it happens to be the same day, month, and year as a very special and my favorite member of CT, Emmet!) so my mom surprised me with tickets to the Atlanta show hoping to take my mind off my sadness and the impending first anniversary of my dad’s passing. I was so excited when she told me, we were going to see them! We had no idea when we got there where, are seats were because she had gotten them from someone in our neighborhood who couldn’t go. When we discovered our seats were 3rd row pit, I was on cloud nine!! To top it off, we were on the end and there was no one in the seats in front of us on that side (I’m only 4’8” so I was thrilled no one tall was in front of me lol). From the minute the guys took to the stage to the end of the show, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and happiness and for the first time in a long time I didn’t have a single anxiety attack or feel any anxiety at all just happiness. It was amazing! I also got a couple smiles from Ryan (what a doll he is, I love seeing him giggle and I love when he sings Garth Brooks and he has the most beautiful blue eyes on the planet!), a nod of the head from Emmet (he’s my favorite, I love when he acts like a goofball and sings beautiful ballads, he Is such a kind down to earth guy!) and a wave from Neil (I love how his eyes twinkle when he sings and his sweet smile) at the end of the show. I haven’t been able to meet the guys yet but I hope to one day, and thank them for the beautiful gift they gave me that night. They didn’t know my name or who I was or that I was even there, but they gave me something I desperately needed at the time, peace and happiness.

I have already watched CT X about ten times and I adore it! They are such amazing, kind, talented men. It’s so special that they genuinely care about their fans so much and work themselves to exhaustion sometimes just to make us happy. I’m now planning on seeing the next show in Atlanta to celebrate getting my phlebotomy certificate and I can’t wait! Celtic Thunder is more than just a group of musicians, it’s a family, a community of people who care about one another and I’ve made some great friends because of it. So, thank you to all involved in front of and behind the scenes of Celtic Thunder as well as the guys themselves who work hard to bring us new music, shows, and interactions with the guys we love. No, Celtic Thunder’s not just a band, it’s an experience and one that I treasure.

Love always,
Lauryn ❤️