Welcome to this month’s fan corner. We have some photos below from the Celtic Thunder cruise in November. It was a fantastic trip and I had great time, meeting the fans and seeing all the wonderful shows. Any photos to match that we can add to the Celtic Times fan corner would be great to share. Send on any photos you would like included to

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Happy New Year Everybody!



Pat Modrak attended this year’s Celtic Thunder cruise with her 3 sisters from L to R in the Picture Lois Brown (85), Anne McDowell (83) Pat Modrak (81) and the baby Myrna Coleman (79) what a beautiful group of Ladies ...I’d say their Mom and Dad had their work cut our watching these girls when they were younger. This was Pats first Cruise and she said it was "Absolutely Awesome"! And as far as the Guys Pat Said "What a great group - voices were so enjoyable, and Celtic Thunder themselves, were so nice and eager to please the audience; just super!" her sisters were not familiar with the guys but are now newly converted "Thunderheads"



Damian and Neil with Pat Dinardi at the Jacksonville VIP event in November Pat is a huge Celtic Thunder fan (though not in stature;-):-)) This VIP event brought back great memories to Pat of the last Celtic Thunder concert and VIP event she attended 2 years ago when the guys sang her Happy Birthday for her 90th Birthday. We wonder is it the Celtic Thunder guys and their music that is keeping Pat looking so wonderful at 92 years young! 



Emmet and Neil with Linda Rice at the Milwaukee VIP Event ...Linda’s daughter Tamira sent us this lovely photo of her mom she was also at the concert with her boyfriend Brett Lytner they had a wonderful time and said it was absolutely fabulous. Tamira said the VIP package that she bought as a surprise for her mom for Christmas was also a real treat.  They met Emmet and Neil and said the bonus was meeting David Munroe! Tamira said "All of them are so sweet and you can tell that they not only care deeply about the music and each other but their fans as well" she said the music of Celtic Thunder has always been great but it truly helped her and her mom through a very difficult time in dealing with the death of her father earlier this year. Tamira's dad loved Celtic music and her and her mom made sure that they shared his love of it by sharing a few of Celtic Thunder songs at his funeral. What a lovely tribute to her dad and we hope Celtic Thunder continues to make them smile and think of happy times with her dad.



Ryan was very happy when Yoda and Princess Leia came to meet him on the Celtic Thunder cruise (aka Barbara Wiles and Meldy Villaneuva) Ryan is both of the ladies Celtic Thunder favourite and they wanted to do something for his birthday (in addition to the very generous check they and other fans presented Ryan with in memory of his father’s charity ..well done to everyone involved) Just from them ...they said it was so much fun and some of the other fans said "his face lit up" when they walked into the pub...well done ladies more proof of how wonderful the Celtic Thunder fans really are.



Michael and Emmet met Joan Narcoonis a Celtic Thunder fan at the VIP event after the concert in Bethlehem PA i think Joan's lovely smile says it all.



Ryan had the opportunity on the Celtic Thunder 2017 Anniversary cruise to congratulate Ann and Charlie Gillett on their 50th Wedding anniversary. Ann and Charlie celebrated in style on the cruise were one of their particular highlights was meeting each of the guys at the cocktail party they attended with them on board the ship.



This gorgeous picture of Damian and Hannah Crews was sent in by Hannahs proud mom Laura ...she also asked us to wish Hannah a very Happy Birthday which is not far away on the 1st of January ...what a great start to the new year that was for Laura the day Hannah arrived...Have a wonderful birthday Hannah from everyone at Celtic Thunder.



Norman and Margaret Warren have a Celtic Thunder Wall which takes pride of place in their family room at home in Australia.



Collage of Jamie Sheperd with her Gramma Betty Koehler and friend Jody Luecke at the Milwaukee Concert and VIP event in December.

I think the email below that Jamie sent me says it all really ....So I can not Thank you all enough!  Each one of you as well as your whole team staff truly made the night epic.  I brought my gramma to the show for her Christmas Gift.  She has been literally your #1 Fan for over 10 years! Once we got there the look on her face when she heard you singing and realized what we were doing, was absolutely priceless! Then tears flooded her eyes and did not stop the entire show! She kept saying,”I can’t believe I’m this close to them, they are right here! They are normally in Ireland! I can’t believe I’m this close!” All I could think was Gramma your gunna get so much closer pretty soon! (Because I bought her a VIP ticket) That night was all about gramma for everything she has every done for me and I waited watching you guys to see when you would be in WI, so I could bring her to see you! It’s been the Only thing to do on her bucket list. Im so grateful to you guys for helping me make this possible. Im more grateful than you even know!!  Allowing my friend and I to sit in to see her experience the moment, and take photos of her while doing so truly has been priceless.