In ancient times, people enjoyed the food that was available. Ancient civilizations enjoyed the occasional treat of fruit or nuts rolled into honey. This, in essence, is considered the first candy. In general however, it wasn't until sugar was manufactured during the middle ages that people began to enjoy more sweets. Even then, sugar was so expensive that it was a treat reserved only for the wealthy on special occasions. However, starting in about 3000BC there is a discernable and traceable history of many of the foods that delight the sweet tooth.

The word “cake” comes from the Old Norse word kaka. The Oxford English Dictionary first documented the use of the word “cake” in the 13th century. Ancient cultures consumed a very different type of cake than we do today. The first cakes more closely resembled bread and honey, and nuts and dried fruit flavored them. The ancient Egyptians were the first people to use advanced baking methods. People in Medieval Europe baked fruitcakes and gingerbread as desserts because they preserved well.

Advances in baking technology and the availability of cooking ingredients aided cake development. Round cakes with icing that resemble what we eat today made their way to plates in the mid-17th century. The modern cake with ingredients like white flour and baking powder were first used in the 19th century.

The roots of pie as a dessert originated in the Neolithic Period beginning in 9500 B.C. Known as galettes, these free-form pies contained different grains and honey. Galettes baked over hot coals. Pastry originated as bakers added fruit, nuts and honey to bread dough to serve to the pharaoh (1304-1237 B.C.). Drawings of this practice decorate the tomb walls of King Ramses II. Pie-making techniques and ingredients often changed because of different conditions and ingredients.

Irish dessert recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth. They will give you that warm, fresh from the oven, feeling of home. This is the place to find the perfect ending to the perfect Irish meal or any meal.

The main ingredient in many Irish desserts is fruit, whether fresh in season or dried out of season. Fruit and berries are readily available on the island.

Authentic Irish food is known for being simple and hearty, and that includes many of the desserts. Pies, cakes and puddings have long been part of Irish cuisine, with fresh fruits and Irish whiskey being some of the more famous dessert ingredients.