We’re delighted to say that the Fanclub Corner has truly been a wonderful success and we’re delighted with the many, many photos that we receive from our fans every day! Keep them coming to elaine@celticthunder.com and don’t forget if you have friends in the photos, make sure to send on their names so they can also get a mention!


Joyce Frank and her beautiful Granddaughter Kadie love to listen to Celtic Thunder when they are driving, both being very big Celtic Thunder fans. They attended the Atlantic City show in New Jersey together and went to the VIP event afterwards where they met with Neil and Michael and got this lovely photo taken together. What a lovely smile Kadie has...she gets it from her grandmother!  I think she was as happy to meet Neil and Michael as they were to meet her. They already have their tickets and hotel booked for this September's 'X' Tour.



Becky Potz is a long time Celtic Thunder fan. She loves the guys but perhaps not as much as her great nieces and nephews whom she looks after regularly. One of her great nieces is, Lily Glasby and as Celtic Thunder DVDs are playing whenever Lily is with her Aunt Becky, she in turn has become a huge fan. She even got to meet Damian recently after attending one of his gigs. I'm sure you will agree this is a beautiful picture of one of our youngest fans Lily with Becky and Damian.



Christina Gano sent me these two great pictures, one of Christina with Emmet and Michael in Englewood, NJ in 2017.  The other is Christina giving Damian a gift of a stuffed dog at Bethlehem, 2016. Christina had this to say about her and Celtic Thunder "I have been a fan of Celtic Thunder since the beginning. My whole family is a fan of CT and we each even have our own favorites. Their music calms me down & helps me through tough times & happy times. I have met all the members both past and present, plus made some lifelong friends along the way".



As Laura Crews said herself, when she sent me these gorgeous pictures "It’s not often three generations can love and agree on the same music!" Laura sent me a photo of her daughter Hannah with Damian. She had Damian sign a poster she's had for 11 years! Damian was surprised and actually took the photo and shared on his social media. The second picture is of the three generations of Celtic Thunder fans in Laura's family. Front and center is her Mom, Judy. Laura is in the back on the left, Damian, and Hannah, on the right. They recently had the opportunity to meet Damian at a concert they attended. Laura said "We had an amazing time at the concert! As always, the music and entertainment was awesome. We are so very grateful for Damian and the rest of the members of Celtic Thunder for their family friendly entertainment. We've been fans and followers for over 11 years now. Please give the guys a great big "Thank you" for us".



Dee White sent me this lovely photo of herself and Damian ...I laughed as Dee said when she saw Damian she said "My first reaction was Wow, he's tall"! I'm only 5'!!!” Dee told me she found Celtic Thunder by accident back in 2008. She said "I misread the PBS television schedule and turned on my TV expecting to see The Chieftains. Instead, I got Damian singing "Come By the Hills". Loved the song, fell in love with his voice, watched the entire program the next day, and fell in love with all the guys. The rest is history, LOL. I've followed them since, and attended a concert on their first tour. Haven't been lucky enough to get to any other concerts until recently.” I'm hoping Dee will get to see the guys on their big X tour this Autumn.



Lura Sheppard recently sent me a lovely note about Celtic Thunder and her husband and I asked her could I share it. She said certainly it’s sad but lovely and as Lura said "It may help some other poor soul going through a rough bit".

This is what Lura sent me "I was reading Celtic Times this morning and you asked for St. Patrick’s Day pictures, and I felt compelled to also share something sweet from my life. My husband died last year and for the previous ten years he had Alzheimer’s and I was his caregiver. All he wanted in life during those years was to sit in his chair and watch Celtic Thunder tapes. His favorite was “It’s Entertainment”. It was the best and the last thing that we were able to share together.  The music and the goodness of the lads helped me through a very difficult time. I was able also to take John to one concert before he got really bad. He loved it and smiled all the way through. He remembered all the words to every song even though he couldn’t remember friends of forty years. My husband was a minister but Celtic Thunder ministered to us!

As I said I contacted Lura and asked could I share and she kindly agreed she had sent the picture of her that I’ve included at McGuires pub in Pensacola Florida in her "new Life" (on left) she also sent me the gorgeous picture of John in better days.

Thank you for sharing with us Lura.