The Blasket Islands, or as they are known in Irish Na Blascaodaí, lie around 6 km beyond the most westerly tip of the Dingle Peninsula (Leithinis an Daingin) in County Kerry.

The largest of the islands, The Great Blasket or An Blascaod Mór, was finally abandoned in 1953 when the last twenty two people living on the island were moved to the mainland. The island's population, which once boasted one hundred and seventy five residents, had steadily declined through emigration.

No other island community of this size has yielded such a literary wealth, producing world renowned writers, such as Peig Sayers, who documented island life in their beloved Irish language and whose work has been translated into many languages.

The Great Blasket remains uninhabited today but the island is open to visitors. Explore this historic island on foot along its steep grassy paths and hilly tracks. Discover the pre-historic remains and extraordinary bird life as well as the large colony of seals who have made The Great Blasket their home. You can even camp the night on this wild and romantic island. Visit the Blasket Islands centre in Dún Chaoin for an insight into the islands.


Passenger ferries operate from the mainland to the Great Blasket Island during the Spring, Summer and Autumn, weather permitting. Ferries may be boarded at the Marina in Dingle Town (a 40 minute trip), at Ventry or at Dún Chaoin Pier opposite the island (20 minutes).