Sharon Browne will once again host Afternoon Tea on board the Celtic Thunder Cruise. We are pleased to announce that Sharon will be joined by Elaine Massey, Paul Byrom, Belinda Murphy, Sandra O’Hara and Colm Keegan. In “Irish Terms” this is what we call a fun afternoon of great conversation. Sign up now for this fun afternoon of chat and laughs!

The tradition of Afternoon Tea started in the 19th Century to help with the little afternoon perk me up when the energy levels where going low, a little sugar intake was always guaranteed to give you a lift and get you through the mid-afternoon slump. Afternoon Tea is still celebrated in Ireland.

We are limited in the number guests that can attend the Afternoon Tea events, and they do book up extremely quickly, therefore we would encourage you to reserve your space as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment. Click HERE to reserve your seat now.