Robin Gayle Williams is a huge Celtic Thunder fan and her love for them has made her granddaughter Abigayle (btw this lovely name came about as Robin’s son said he wanted part of his Mom in her name) as big a fan. Robin had written to Elaine about Abigayle’s crush on Damian and Elaine thought it was so cute. She asked could we include it in the Celtic Times. This letter is actually in two parts as something happened after the first one was sent to Elaine.

…so read on and I hope you enjoy Abigayle’s story as much as Elaine did!

Robin wrote to Elaine to tell her that when their tickets arrive for the latest Celtic Thunder concert, they are going to attend. Abigayle squeals with delight. At every Meet and Greet when she is called on to ask a question she asks the same one every year “Can Damian please sing a little bit of Puppy Love??” Every time this happens all the guys and the entire room erupt in laughter at her question. Since she was only three she has been watching my Celtic Thunder video’s  and tries to follow every move Damian makes while he is singing Puppy Love. She says she lives to make her happy and she is her everything.


Abigayl's first Celtic Thunder concert was when she was 5 years old. She “knew” George from my DVDs, it was 3 years ago at the Florida theatre in Jacksonville. A man out front was selling flowers before the Concert (He Gave My Grand Daughter a bouquet). Ryan came out on the stage at one point during the Concert, he was talking / paying Tribute to George. Abigayle said it made her sad.  I asked her if she would like to lay a rose on stage for George? Obviously, she nodded her head with sadness. We were 4 rows from the stage (about the same height as her head ) she walked up, ducked under the rope & laid the rose on the stage as Ryan was paying tribute to George. Ryan put his open palm down towards her to acknowledge the Sweetness.   It was very Touching .....  After the “Show“, Colm Picked her up , told her how sweet she was & held her on his hip for a bit while he interacted with the other fans. I had custom made t-shirts for the entire family made for the following years concert of  Colm holding her. The pictures I am going to send, will be self-explanatory. Daddy’s shirt said “My Daughter with Colm“. Grandpa’s shirt said “My granddaughter with Colm“, and of course my shirt said ““My granddaughter with Colm“.  We were so proud & received many compliments from other Fans.  My Husband & I have been married 44 years this June, the first concert we ever attended was Celtic Thunder, I think it was 7 years ago. We happened to see them on PBS & fell in love!!!  It was / is the most awesome thing in our 38 years (at that time) we  had ever done together!   We were hooked! We have been to every concert since with the exception of one we missed due to financial issues that year.

Back to Abigayle, the second concert we took her to was at The Florida Times Union Center (much larger than the Fl. Theater). We gathered outside to wait for the guys to come out one by one .... every time she caught a glimpse of one of the guys, she squealed.... “Is that Damian?”  Well.... As we waited for Damian, chit chatting, I heard a scream ... Damian, by the time I turned around Abigayle had both her arms wrapped around Damian’s legs (from the back of him). She caught him! I was embarrassed & went to apologize to Damian, he was so sweet! He bent down, talked to her & promised her he would come talk to her as soon as he put his things on the bus .... he kept his promise of course. Abigayle & I had, our picture taken with Damian (of course).  As, I was preparing to have the picture put on new custom t-shirts,  Abigayle put her hand on the picture. She put her hand between her & Damian so that I was not in the picture. I asked  “what, you don’t want Nana on the shirt“ ?  She said “no,  just Me & Damian on MY shirt”! Lol.  ... well you will see from the pictures, she got what she wanted! My shirt has the original picture on it (all 3 of us) Talk about “Glee“, yes every time, we talk about Damian, it is with Glee that we do so.... obviously I love Damian as well but, for him to make my Grand Daughter happy & feel special, I will take a back seat ... she is my ♥ Life! Whatever makes her happy , makes me happier! Abigayle has to be Damian’s Biggest Fan (I am actually but .... Shhhh.   Let’s Not Upset her)


I just had to let you know that after 5 years of Abigayle waiting to hear Damian sing Puppy Love, she got it!!! She asked him at the Meet & Greet in Jacksonville, FL. What a kind sweet young man! He has no real idea of what he did for this special little girl! He even came to her, took her hand, twirled her twice (while he was singing it) & gave her a hug!!    She is over the moon!!  She won’t stop singing Puppy Love. She said she, can’t help it, it’s in her head. LOL.  Of course, he couldn’t have made me happier by doing that either.  It’s a once in a lifetime memory that she & I will never forget. We also captured the twirl on video, even better, it happened this year at his Slow Dance concert, it was so kind of Damian.  He is an exceptional young man!!! Abigayle & I are still over the moon about the twirl!! The crowd laughed & cheered as well... I can’t put our feelings in words, she was so excited & delighted. I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve attached. It is a memory that Abigayle & I will treasure the rest of our lives, as well as be able to actually relive the moment every time, we watch the Video! Every time I show it to friends or family (even my Dr.) the hair on my arms stand up & I get goose bumps every time.  I can’t thank Damian enough for making this happen! I just can’t say how much this meant to our Family! As I have said, She is mine & Grandpas heart & soul ... we live for her.....  (Not to mention her Daddy)  ...  when she is happy, we are ecstatic!  

Thank you so much as always,
Robin Williams
(Nana) to Abigayle