This is a note to Ryan Kelly. Even if he doesn't have the time to respond, I will at least get to thank him for all the inspiration he has given me. Yes, I finally got to meet him the year they performed a Christmas show in Bethlehem, PA., at the Sands at Bethlehem. Yes, I actually got to take a picture with him and Damian. I have back problems which makes it impossible for me to stand long or walk far. That night I was able to stand! I was quite tongued-tied to boot! That's when everything that could go wrong went wrong! After Hurricane Sandy moved my family from New York to Annapolis, Maryland, not our doing, however my son had already settled there.

Finally got done with all the hurricane paperwork and settled down to think positive of our new home. Actually, got to see Celtic Thunder perform in Baltimore.

Here comes the wrong stuff. I get hit with not one but 3 strokes, I was one lucky person receiving my first miracles and I bounced back! Not finished yet, my husband of 40 years suffered a major heart attack and had 3 stents put into his heart. He survived and is recovering. He stopped smoking the hard way! It seems that God has more miracles for me. The doctors find out I have an aggressive cancer in my left tube leading to my kidney. The left kidney has to be removed along with the tube, and if that wasn't enough my gall bladder has to come out the same day.

It took me over a month to get healthy enough for the operation due to an e-coli outbreak, which gave me quite a knock out. I never thought I would also be admitting that chemotherapy almost did me in. Anyway, the point of this letter was not for sympathy but to spread HOPE. I'm still standing at 66, and even lost a lot of weight along the way. I am so awed by the talent of all the guys in Celtic Thunder and that I can continue to enjoy their wonderful talents! It is a gift to me, another miracle!

So, this isn't a query as much as it is a THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SO MUCH JOY OVER THE YEARS! I am truly one of your biggest fans! Especially Ryan, who touches my heart from the beginning!

Arlene Klein