I have been a Celtic Thunder fan since their first show. I have always had a love for Irish music because of my father, whose parents were both children of Irish immigrants and I grew up on the music. I have never been able to see Celtic Thunder in concert because they had never come to a city close to me. But this past November, they had come to Pittsburgh, PA. It was still a 3-hour drive but worth every mile. My sister and I not only bought tickets to the concert but also to the meet and greet. I was definitely not disappointed. They put on a beautiful concert even though I'm sure the hearts and minds were with Neil and his father. At the meet and greet we got to meet Ryan, Damian, and also David Munro. I have been to many concerts with different types of music. I have met a few entertainers in my life but never have I met a group of young men that are so humble, kind, and considerate. They obviously appreciate their fans and love us as much as we love them. I also got to meet and talk with other fans. What a great experience.

I just want to thank everyone for an awesome experience and I look forward to spending time at more of their concerts, whether it is all of Celtic Thunder or each member individually at one of the solo concerts.

Thank you and God Bless.

Patricia Colbert