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Hello there, "Thunderheads” and all those who support CELTIC THUNDER.

My name is Kevin Willoughby and myself and my partner Ronda are from Australia and living in a place known as (The City of Churches) Adelaide, most people know us as being from “The Land Down Under". Most people living in Australia know about The City of Churches, being in the small state of South Australia, Adelaide being the Capitol.

Many years ago, now, while watching the TV, I heard about a group from Ireland called Celtic Thunder. Both my partner Ronda and I have been to many country music shows around our big land to see many singers such as the late great Australian Icon Slim Dusty.

Upon hearing about Celtic Thunder, I decided to find out more which, led me into purchasing their DVD called The Show. Well after seeing this DVD Bang!, My partner and I were "hooked" as the saying goes. Ronda and I have followed the group and their band just like a host of people worldwide especially those in the U.S.A., since they first came upon the world scene 10 years ago.

We were blown away by their singing, along with their backing band of musicians on drums, cymbal's, violins plus their fabulous settings on stage especially the lighting, and the beautiful costumes worn by everyone.

I cannot ever recall a more polished group coming out of Ireland throughout my life and I'm a 73 years old Australian who has heard and seen a lot over time. The group had toured down here already but there had been very little, in fact, no advertising of them touring our country or at least I could not find any information anywhere.

I was able to get knowledge of them by purchasing their DVD and CD's, and needless to say I was extremely angry at not being able to see them, and then on their last tour here in 2016 we missed seeing them because of illness, but this did not stop us from buying all their DVDs/CD's.

Upon being given a link earlier this year of a tour being undertaken by the Celtic Thunder duo, Byrne /Kelly two principal singers from the Celtic Thunder team, this gave us the opportunity to find out how good the men and their music truly was. Were we disappointed?, No, No, No the opposite, even though the crowd was not huge it was a most memorable night and my partner and I  could not have wished for more .

The big disappointment from the night was that I forgot to take my camera with me. After the show was finished, when everyone else had gone I decided to take a chance and go backstage and see if I could get both Ryan & Neil to sign their CD's for us.  Well, I need not have been worried, they both shook hands with me.

They were both only to please to sign the CD's for me, we spoke for only a short time as they had to pack up.  They were heading over to Perth the next day for the last two shows of their tour before flying home, had I not been in such a hurry, I would have stopped to take my camera with me, words cannot describe the reaction that I received from them when out back.

You would have thought it was like meeting your best mates from years gone by without seeing them for a long time, even the other member with them who was on stage as well Peter, It was without doubt a great pity that Nicole Hudson was unable to come on tour this time with them. What was my impression of the boys, their music, and their manner and courtesy to myself out back, onstage, it could not be faulted.

We both hope that they are all out here in Adelaide either later this year or sometime in 2019.

Just a short message to some CT fans on Facebook with a few saying that they only have one or two DVDs / CDs, as an aged pensioner from Australia the more you can get the better you'll feel, by the time you read this in the next Celtic Times, I will have 23 DVDS with many more CD's from the group plus all the CD's from Damian / Neil / Ryan/ Emmett /Colm / George /Keith and a DVD of Paul & George.

Like most groups there have been some changes over the years but this has not slowed them down nor has their popularity faltered, in some groups they fade away overtime but not Celtic Thunder which is very much due to their founder Sharon Browne. Since the moving on of Paul Byrom, Keith Harkin, Phil Coulter along with the very great big loss of George Donaldson in March 2014*​RIP Big George*  and knowing  it takes time for new personnel to learn new songs etc. Celtic Thunder seem not to have lost much time in keeping up the great music and comradeship as well. There are new songs now with the new DVD CELTIC THUNDER X, I would love to see some of the older songs mixed in with the new as well. Hoping that we here in Australia get to see the group touring herein Australia either late 2018/19.

Cheers from Australia, Ronda & Kevin. (Australian Thunderheads)!